• Powerful Search

    Receive Instant information about contacts and leads for each inbound or outbound call.

  • Custom Field Support

    Your existing custom workflows, such as multiple skills, groups, tickets, and dispositions are fully supported.

  • Useful Information

    Instantly show relevant information about existing contacts or create new profiles for first time callers.

  • More Opportunities

    Identify new opportunities and address issues faster with instant information right at your fingertips.

FluentStream + Salesforce

Our Salesforce integration boosts your teams ability to track multi-channel performance and optimize the sales cycle, all from one comprehensive platform. No desktop install or software to download. Our integration runs directly in your Chrome web browser.

Salesforce not your thing? We have you covered!

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FluentStream business VoIP service is a powerful tool to add to you sales workflows. Tell us what you’re looking for in a phone system and one of our phone system specialists can help you determine the right phone system to meet the needs of your business.