• Comprehensive Reporting

    Our Zendesk integration streamlines tickets to foster better quality and quantity of customer information.

  • Call Details

    Call details & call recording can be automatically added to every support ticket.

  • Cloud Communications

    Make and receive calls through your FluentStream account in Zendesk. Opt to use a physical phone, WebPhone, and more.

  • Know Your Customers

    Our skills-based routing feature matches customers with their favorite support agents, automatically.

FluentStream + Zendesk

Our Zendesk integration boosts your teams ability to track agent performance and optimize the support cycle, all from one comprehensive platform. No desktop install or software to download. Our integration runs directly in your Chrome web browser.

Zendesk not your thing? We have you covered!

Salesforce Integration
Office 365 Integration
Google Chrome Integration
Freshdesk Integration
VanillaSoft Integration
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