Whether you’re extending SMS capabilities or want to add internet-fax capabilities, we’re here to help you through it. The FluentStream API platform can be used with multiple programming languages so you can keep working your way.

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Use Cases

SMS Messaging

Internet Fax

CRM Integration


SMS Messaging

Modern business is always looking for new and creative ways to communicate with customers. Sending SMS texts is a quick and efficient way to get important information to your customers. Sales, service, and marketing professionals could increase response time by sending SMS from their everyday applications.

Voice Communications

Voice communication is the cornerstone of what FluentStream has to offer the world. In this light, we welcome you to take a look at how we work and what voice communications can do for your business. There’s so many things you can make and use with voice it would be too much to list here.

  • I can monitor the productivity of my agents and the frequency our customers are contacting us by combining our phone calls and Freshdesk into one workflow.Lacy R., Director of Operations
  • The Freskdesk integration allows for improved tracking and visibility into the issues that our customers are facing. Lacy R., Director of Operations


Fax is not dead! It simply changed the way it’s used. Enter Internet fax. Using Internet fax is the future. It’s simple to send a computer file to any email address of physical fax machine. WIth FluentStream you can send important documents and information via your VoIP line, no need for a dedicated fax number.

Voicemal Drop

Drop your pre-recorded messages into your calls at the press of a button.

Companies with employees who spend most of the workday making phone calls, manually leaving a well thought out voicemails, can and will become very tedious. When you integrate FluentStream’s push-button Voicemail Drop feature into your employees daily workflow, you can dramatically increase the number of calls each person can make. Thus saving time and money while making fewer errors. Sales and service reps can save up to an hour a day or more with this simple integration.

Custom CRM Integration

For companies around the world, the tool of choice for growing and maintaining customer loyalty is quality CRM software. However, many companies are still manual methods to start and track phone calls, SMS messages, faxes and more. With the FluentStream API Platform, you can take full advantage of your FluentStream VoIP service by integrating your preferred CRM software to maximize efficiency and boost business operations.