Get notified! Benefit from knowing who’s calling in to your contact center before you answer the phone. You’re agents will thank you.

New callers = New opportunities! Integration with sales crm platforms makes it very convenient to create and track leads and customers.

You Can Do It – We Can Help

Integrate FluentStream internet fax capabilities into your own company workflows. It’s as easy as uploading your document and sending it away to an email address or to a real fax machine. Either way you choose, it works.

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  • Easy Sending

    Easily send pdf’s or msoffice files to any fax enabled number.

  • 1 Line 1 Fax

    No need to have a dedicated fax line. Send and receive faxes to 1 VoIP line.

  • Going Green

    Help save the environment by not having to send paper faxes.

Like FAX, But Need Something Else?

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FluentStream business VoIP service is a powerful tool to add to your support workflows. Tell us what you’re looking for in a phone system and one of our specialists can help you determine the right phone system for your business.