Get an text message every time a high value sales lead comes in to your sales teams. Even when you can’t be in the office.

Traveling? Stay informed. Make and receive automatic text messages whever certain events happen at the office.

You Can Do It – We Can Help

SMS secures sales, service, and support professionals with a quick and reliable way to communicate. Whether your business would benefit from sending Dispatch/ETA Alerts, SMS Password Authentication, Appointment Reminders, or Instant Lead Alerts, the utility of FluentStream’s SMS API is limitless.

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  • Create SMS

    Easily create new messages within your app using our api.

  • Send SMS Messages

    Sending messages with our API is straight forward and can be integrated into your apps.

  • Reporting

    Combined with reporting analytics you can see just how many messages are created and sent.

Like SMS, But Need Something Else?

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Interested In More?

FluentStream business VoIP service is a powerful tool to add to your support workflows. Tell us what you’re looking for in a phone system and one of our specialists can help you determine the right phone system for your business.