Get clear, ultra reliable calls anywhere in you have an active internet connection.

Traveling? Stay connected. FluentStream phone service follows you wherever your office may be.

You Can Do It – We Can Help

Voice communications can change the world for the better. With FluentStream you can do the same. Make Voice an integral part of you amazing applications. All with the help of FluentStream Technologies.

Explore The API

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  • VoIP Calls

    Voice over IP communications is truly the future of calls.

  • Make and Receive

    Making and receiving calls is the core of the FluentStream Voice API

  • Reporting

    Combined with reporting analytics you can see just how many voice are made and received.

Along with Voice, come more interesting applications.

Interested In More?

FluentStream business VoIP service is a powerful tool to add to your support workflows. Tell us what you’re looking for in a phone system and one of our specialists can help you determine the right phone system for your business.